Cider is better around a table with good friends and a good feast.  Fellowship is the community centered around common interests and shared ideas. Our newest cider, Feast & Fellowship, aims to bring people together, around food, creating memories.

In the true spirit of supporting our Virtue Farm neighbors in west Michigan, we looked to our friends next door at Modales Wines to create a cider made on 62nd street. Feast & Fellowship is aged on grape skins from Modales. The grapes are a field blend of Bordeaux varieties from the La Esperanza Estate vineyard and are natively fermented for two weeks before undergoing extended maceration to soften the tannins. 

Feast & Fellowship is an apple wine made with 100% Michigan apples and is 8.4% ABV (alcohol by volume). Feast & Fellowship is made with wine-lovers in mind and would make for the perfect gift for the self-proclaimed wine connoisseur in your life. Pour it in a stemmed wine glass and enjoy with a variety of cheeses, nuts, and chocolate covered fruit. It’s vinous, with notes of grape, berry, and dry red wine.

About Modales Wines

Experience a working winery from vine to glass. At Modales, we hand- craft our wines long before grapes appear on the vine: meticulously caring for our rich, unique soil; treating every vine as an individual, and every patron as a treasured guest.