Strong women make strong cider. Strong women work hard. Strong women support one another, they clap for each other, they clap for themselves. Strong women are just that; strong.

This International Women’s Day, we blended High Tea, a cider in celebration of strong women who paved the way. High Tea is a 7.7% ABV cider made with Gold Rush apples, prized for their aromatics. A tea blend of organic hibiscus, rose hip, orange peel, lemongrass, lemon peel and lemon oil is then steeped in the tea. This tart, dry cider is floral forward with a crisp apple finish and notes of citrus, berry and green apple. 

In addition to the self care and cozy feeling that tea emits, the concept of high tea has feminist roots dating back to the early 20th century, when a tea room phenomenon swept the nation. Thousands of tea houses opened up in both urban and rural communities alike and were, for the most part, owned and operated by women. At that time, it was very rare for women to even work outside of the home, much less open and own their own businesses. Tea rooms challenged conventions that prohibited women from drinking alcohol and being alone in a public space, both behaviors that were seen as very unbecoming of ladies at that time. Suffragists also used tea rooms to organize, raise funds and recruit supporters, ultimately starting the wave that changed the face of femininity. 

“Our High Tea cider is the brainchild of our female Virtue team members,” says Michele McDonnell, sr. brand manager, “and is a toast to challenging conventions, embracing femininity, and celebrating self care in the form of gathering with friends around good food, drink and meaningful conversations.”

Come to Virtue Farm this March, celebrate IWD, and raise a glass of High Tea to the strong women in your life. 

Try our small-batch and core ciders at our taproom in Fennville, Michigan.