Virtue Cider East Orchard Nova Spy Developing on Tree

We hear from our out-of-town guests all the time of the difficulty finding our cider in their home markets. This is true. For most of the library we offer, it can only be found here in Fennville, Michigan, purchased at the farm.  We attempted in the past to create cider with a larger reach in twelve-ounce format or cans.  While we can pat ourselves on the back for making a very delicious, larger volume cider, which ain’t easy to do by the way, it did not really speak of place or approximate the ciders we really want to make or compare to the ciders abroad that we admire made by folks who have been making real cider for much longer than us. At the end of the day our aim is for your glass of Virtue Cider to be a window to West Michigan and its renowned orchards & farms, made in a way that honors European cidermaking tradition. When you come out to visit us this season, make sure to stock up for your home and please by all means share with your family and friends! We'll see you soon.