Virtue Cider Cider House 2 Summer Estate Cider
Cider’s history goes back 2000 years, well before gluten-free drinking was an idea. The Romans discovered it being made by the people they were trying to conquer in Britain.  In the Middle Ages, monasteries were planting orchards and making cider along with their efforts in viticulture and viniculture.

With the exception of maybe sake, there is not a gluten-free beverage with the same historical or cultural significance.  The pandemic saw the rise & boom of seltzer, the current reigning champ of gluten-free drinking in the U.S.  In addition, seltzer ushered in an unpretentious counterpoint to the craft beer and craft cocktail movements.  Many in the drinks industry were caught off guard, that is before rushing to cash in on the trend. While we don’t judge anyone for the drink choices they make, drink what you like, we’re still quick to point out cider’s never been snobby.  There isn’t an 1855 Classification system such as exists in Bordeaux or VDP guild as Germany has for wine. There aren’t rockstar critics fighting for dominance and power as their reviews sell thousands of cases of fermented grape juice. As it’s been from its beginning, cider is humbly made. It is the effort and patience of growing apples, pressing them, fermenting, blending, ageing, bottling, drinking, enjoying and sharing.

For us at Virtue Cider, we are proud to be part of this history. We are proud of what we make. What’s more important, we are thankful to have you at our farm, enjoying our cider with family and friends, and it probably shouldn’t make a difference to know you are drinking a centuries old craft beverage. Just drink what you like or ask us for a recommendation, we’ll do our best to put something in your glass you’re really going to enjoy.