What is proper farmhouse cider?

Proper: traditional methods using local apples and barrel-aging techniques

Farmhouse: a style tied to provenance and process

Cider: bringing cider back to its roots

hand-picked michigan Apples

Barrel-aging lends complexity

Cidermakers in a Cider House

Making cider is like making wine. We press local fruit, ferment the juice on-site, age it in barrels, and cider makers continually taste to develop the right blends for the final ciders that come to you.

Our Commitment to quality

We want all of our ciders to showcase the very best of the local apples they are made from. All of our products are stamped with a packaged-on date, which will tell you the day it was put into the can or bottle. We recommend the following guidelines for enjoying our ciders at the peak of their freshness:

Cans: Best within one year following packaged-on date

Bottles: Best within five years following packaged-on date

If you have a question about quality for any of our products, please contact us.

our cider making team

Back Row (left to right): Bill Savage, Steve Fries, Ryan O’Neil, Shaun Brancheau, Matt Holley, Bryan Bastow

Front Row (left to right): David Crawford, Erin McMahan, Rachel Peabody, Seth Boeve, Rebecca Galvin