arbory hard cider 2022

Arbory 2022

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This still cider named for a Parish on the Island of Man is a tribute to the most virtuous of fauna - the tree. Arbory is a collaboration with One Tree Planted - an organization that plants trees all over the world and will launch on Earth Day on April 22, 2022 - just in time for Arbor Day. Each bottle of Arbory plants one tree in Roy Creek Michigan with our partners One Tree Planted. Virtue Cider buys hand-picked heirloom apples from local farmers to press, ferment and age at our farm to become complex ciders. The pressed remains of the fruit is called pomace. Some of the pomace is fed to our farm animals as feed. The animals then fertilize and till the soil. A portion of the pomace is spread in what we call our “volunteer orchard”. The seeds in the pomace germinate in the soil and then grow to become saplings that we replant on our farm, donate to urban farms and plant at bars and restaurants with patios.

STYLE: Semi-Sweet Cider

SIZE: 750mL


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