At Virtue Farm, we make cider like wine using hand-picked heirloom Michigan apples that we press, ferment and barrel age for beautiful complexity. We drink cider alongside  cheese & charcuterie, oysters and local food made by Chef Anne. We bring bottles of cider on picnics, outside on patios, in front of fire pits, casual brunches and white table cloth restaurants. 

We hold our ciders to the highest standards and think that you deserve the best. Glass is inert and natural, keeping the taste intact

This is why we are transitioning Brut & Rosé to glass bottles for better tasting cider and a more refined experience. We still think you should drink these with abandon and avoid being precious with them. Have fun with Brut and Rosé!

Glass is also better for the earth. Making aluminum cans involves mining and refining bauxite which can pollute the air and water. Glass is made from sand and gravel. There are no additional plastic liners either. Glass is glass and can be recycled over and over again! Better for you, better for the world!

So get up to Virtue Farm and buy Brut and Rosé by the bottle! By the case! They will be in our summer Cider Society shipments as well, so if you're not close by and want to make sure you get some- sign up now!