We’re celebrating our 11th birthday with gift ideas for all! 

At Virtue Cider you can find the perfect gift for…

1. The Cat Lover - Pippin le Chat

For the one who has scratch posts in every room in the house. Pippin le Chat is named for our farm cat, Pippin, who protects our cider houses. Pippin le Chat is a 7.8% ABV cider with notes of overripe apple, chardonnay, oak, and vanilla.

2. The Entertainer - Cider Porron

For the one who’s front door is revolving. A porron is a traditional vessel used to serve wine and cider. Today, they make for a great party trick and look great with any table setting. 

3. The Wine Lover - Wyncroft Aged on Oak

For the one who thinks wine pairs well with everything. Wyncroft Aged on Oak is a 5.7% ABV cider made in collaboration with Wyncroft Winery, our MI neighbors, and aged in chardonnay barrels. 

4. The Environmentalist - Solar Powered Phone Charger

For the one that uses reusable grocery totes, paper towels and loves to carpool. Our solar powered phone charger keeps you charged up on the go. Great for their next hike (we’re guessing they hike, too).

5. The Bourbon Lover - The Mitten

For the one who has a crystal decanter and enjoys a stronger nightcap. The Mitten is one for drinking by a fire. It’s aged in bourbon barrels and has notes of vanilla, caramel, and charred oak. The Mitten is 7.5% ABV.

6. The Artist - The Resident Artist

For the one that likes local art. The Resident Artist is a 7.9% ABV tart cherry cider that benefits Ox-Bow School of Art. Ox-Bow School of Art connects artists to a network of creative resources, people, and ideas; an energizing natural environment; and a rich artistic history and vital future.

7. The Fashionista - Chore Jacket 

For the one that loves layering. The Virtue Chore Jacket is the perfect spring staple as Michigan starts to warm up. Cute for the farm or the tasting room!

8. For the Philanthropist - Rosalita 

For the one who wants to impact those around them. Rosalita was made in partnership with World Central Kitchen. This special priced bottle directly benefits WCK in using the power of food to heal and strengthen communities in times of crisis and beyond. Rosalita is a 6.9% ABV dry rosé cider.

9. The Musician - The Closing Time Record 

For the one who appreciates vinyl. The Closing Time is a record made by friends and artists and is an unmatched collection of some of Chicago's favorite musicians. 100% of sales benefit the CIVL SAVE Emergency Relief Fund which provides immediate micro-grants to Chicago’s music community members who are most in need of financial support due to COVID-19.

10. The Outdoors(wo)man - KAMP

For the one who prefers the great outdoors. KAMP  is a 6.3% ABV cider aged on whole blueberries, courtesy of The Fields of Michigan. It celebrates being outside, around a fire, with friends and a cold cider.

11. The Michigander - DMA Blanket

For the one who points to their home on their hand. The Drink Michigan Apples blanket says Michigan Pride like nothing else.

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