12 Days of Cider Bundle

12 Days of Cider Bundle

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The best of 2022 in a box shipped from Virtue Farm to you. We've carefully chosen a selection of our favorite ciders so that you can stock your cellar or gift it to someone that you love.

Bundle includes 12 bottles of cider: Lapinette 2021 (750mL), Percheron 2021 (750mL), Old Spot 2021 (750mL), The Mitten 2022 (750mL), Pippin le Chat (750mL), Papillon 2021 (750mL), goldenhour 2021 (750mL), Whole Wide World 2022 (750mL), Linger 2022 (750mL), Abeille 2022 (750mL), Belleau Wood 2022 (750mL), Kriek 2022 (750mL)