Cider pairs well with many things. One lesser known perfect pair is cider and chocolate. Cider provides a range of flavor profiles, from dry and mineral, to fruit-forward, semi-dry ciders, so there's a match for every flavor of chocolate. The bitterness of chocolate is best matched with a dry, oaky cider while a rich, buttery dark chocolate is mellowed out with the pair of a tart, cherry cider.

Check out these cider and chocolate pairings by our Farm to Table Specialist Katie Brodie featuring Perennial Chocolate from Holland, Mich., who makes hand-rolled chocolates using Michigan milk, Michigan beet sugar, and premium cocoa beans from around the world.

Virtue Cider Southcider 12oz can with plate of chocolates and cocoa nibs.




Cocoa from the Duerte region of Dominican Republic stands out from the crowd through the careful management of Öko-Caribe network. Flavors include bright-chocolate and ripe bananas. The chocolate that is produced from the ultra-premium Domican Cocoa beans is second-to-none.

CIDER: Southcider, which is a semi-dry cider with notes of vanilla and botanicals.

This is a great match as the semi-dry make up of South Cider helps balance the ripe banana flavor coming through from the Oko-Caribe truffle. Being semi-dry, this cider holds up to the chocolate forward, sweet truffle.