Cider pairs well with many things. One lesser known perfect pair is cider and chocolate. Cider provides a range of flavor profiles, from dry and mineral, to fruit-forward, semi-dry ciders, so there's a match for every flavor of chocolate. The bitterness of chocolate is best matched with a dry, oaky cider while a rich, buttery dark chocolate is mellowed out with the pair of a tart, cherry cider.

Check out these cider and chocolate pairings by our Farm to Table Specialist Katie Brodie featuring Perennial Chocolate from Holland, Mich., who makes hand-rolled chocolates using Michigan milk, Michigan beet sugar, and premium cocoa beans from around the world.

Cider and Chocolate

Cocoa from the ABOCFA cooperative in Ghana is known for producing the highest quality organic cacao in west Africa. This cacao provides the classic rich, fudgey and chocolatey flavor chocolate fanatics have come to love.
CIDER: with Briard, a tart cidre brut with plenty of French oak

The oak notes along with the bright, citrusy notes of Briard make it a great match for this Ghana truffle. The fudgy notes of this chocolate pair excellently with the oak while the chocolate notes are highlighted by the citrus tones of the cider.

Chocolate and Southcider

Cocoa from the Duerte region of Dominican Republic stands out from the crowd through the careful management of Öko-Caribe network. Flavors include bright-chocolate and ripe bananas. The chocolate that is produced from the ultra-premium Domican Cocoa beans is second-to-none.
CIDER: Southcider, which is a semi-dry cider with notes of vanilla and botanicals.

This is a great match as the semi-dry make up of South Cider helps balance the ripe banana flavor coming through from the Oko-Caribe truffle. Being semi-dry, this cider holds up to the chocolate forward, sweet truffle.

Chocolate and Michigan Cherry Cider

Cocoa from the Matasawalevu region of Fiji exhibits the best fine flavored cocoa has to offer. The flavors start with subtly roasted chocolate and finish with a lovely raisiny finish. This chocolate is a crowd pleaser in every sense.
CIDER: Michigan Cherry, a French oak aged cider with tart cherries.

This Fiji truffle is rich and loaded with flavor. The sweetness from the raisiny finish is best complemented with our semi-dry Michigan Cherry. The tartness from the fresh, local cherries stands up to the bitterness of the chocolate while the sweetness from the cider balances the richness of the chocolate.

Chocolate and Honey Cider

Cocoa from Maya Mountain Belize is the best example of fine flavored cocoa come from South America. The deep berry and dried fruit notes offer a welcome alternative to classic chocolate flavors. This bean perfectly captures the excitement in the fine flavored cocoa movement.
CIDER: Michigan Honey would complement well. It is elderflower honey sweetened but remains semi-dry.

As this truffle is fruit forward, a honey cider pairs well. Michigan Honey is a delicate cider yet is full of honey flavor. The sweetness that comes through from the cider brings a welcome addition to the Maya Mountain truffle party.