Summer is here and we’ve rounded up five ciders perfect for summer sipping. Come out to Fennville with friends and family to try them on our 48-acre farm or ship them right to your home for your next summer BBQ. 

Michigan Peach Cider

MICHIGAN PEACH A blend of local Michigan hand-picked apples and peaches. Michigan Peach is a semi-sweet cider with notes of stone fruit and ripe apple. 5.3% ABV.

Arbory Cider Plants a Tree

ARBORY This still cider named for a Parish on the Island of Man is a tribute to the most virtuous of fauna - the tree. Arbory is a collaboration with One Tree Planted - an organization that plants trees all over the world and each bottle of Arbory will plant a tree. 7.9% ABV.

Abeille Honey Cider

ABEILLE Our hives sit out beyond our pasture, keeping our precious honeybees safe and sound. Abeille tastes of heavy, local honey, baked apple, and has light floral notes. 8% ABV.

Les Fleurs Royales Lavender Cider

LES FLEURS ROYALES Lavender grows wild at Virtue Farm, adding light fragrance and colorful beauty to the landscape. Les Fleurs Royales is made with locally grown lavender that gives the cider a herbaceous note of rose. 7.8% ABV.

Old Spot Still Cider

OLD SPOT Released each summer, Old Spot is a traditional barrel-aged English farmhouse medium cider: not too dry, not too sweet. According to orchard folklore, the spots you find on Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs are said to be bruises caused by apples falling from the trees in the orchards where pigs grazed. 7.8% ABV.

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Looking for something to do near Saugatuck, South Haven, Grand Rapids, or Holland? Visit Virtue Farm and sip hard cider, see the animals (now including free range chickens), and try local eats off our summer menu.