Pencil This In: Virtue Cider Mitten Drive And Cocktail Competition

Jan. 20, 2014     AUTHOR: Chuck Sudo     PUBLICATION: Chicagoist

It’s wintertime which means Virtue Cider’s seasonal release, The Mitten, is reaching bars and shelves across Chicago. This blended cider features last season’s best cider aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels and mixed with fresh cider and apple juice from the current year. Not only does it make an ideal cider for drinking in front of a fireplace, it is an amazing cocktail ingredient.

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What to Drink This Weekend: The Mitten

Jan. 17, 2014     AUTHOR: Sarah Freeman     PUBLICATION: Zagat

Guess what, folks? Monday is a holiday! For those lucky enough to enjoy a three-day weekend, extend extra-happy hour into Monday night. Barrelhouse Flat will be hosting a cider cocktail competition to celebrate the release of Virtue Cider’s latest bottled cider. The Mitten is a winter cider made from over-ripe apples that have been aged in bourbon barrels. It has notes of vanilla, caramel and charred American oak, balanced with a clean finish. Starting at 7 PM, it will be available on tap as well as in more than a few unique creations.

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Virtue Cider Releases The Mitten, 2013 Vintage

Jan. 9, 2014     AUTHOR: N/A     PUBLICATION: Chilled Magazine

Virtue Cider has released a 2013 vintage of its popular winter cider, The Mitten.

A blend of last season’s best Michigan apples, The Mitten is aged for several months in bourbon barrels, then finished with juice from the prolific 2013 apple harvest. The resulting cider offers notes of vanilla, caramel, and charred American oak, balanced with the best of the orchard—over-ripe apples and their sweet, tart, earthy juice.

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A dozen of the best things I drank this year

Dec. 25, 2013     AUTHOR: Julia Thiel     PUBLICATION: Chicago Reader

Writing about food and drink means I get to try a lot of good things; and even more mediocre things; and once in a while, something truly terrible. (Whiskey mixed with peach liqueur andbacon-infused bourbon come to mind.) While the awful stuff can be kind of fun to write about, there’s really no need to dwell on it, so below are brief notes on a few of my favorite drinks of the year. It’s not comprehensive, since I don’t take notes on everything I drink—though I’ve been trying harder since I started writing a weekly blog post about booze. I’ve also tried not to include stuff that’s impossible to find (though I haven’t checked the current availability of anything on this list, so who knows).

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Food & Drink Predictions for 2014

Dec. 13, 2013     AUTHOR: Jay Cheshes     PUBLICATION: DETAILS

Boutique cider is the new microbrew

When a real pioneer of modern American brewing abandons beer for cider, as Goose Island’s Greg Hall did recently, it might be time to give the apple libation its due. Hall’s complex range of Virtue Ciders are leading a revolution that shows no signs of abating, with ambitious cideries opening up across the country.

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