Breakout Brands 2014: Virtue Cider

Jun. 4, 2014     AUTHOR: Andrew Kaplan     PUBLICATION: Beverage World Magazine

There’s a whole new crop of ciders that have been coming onto the market in recent years, but few like Virtue Cider’s. Founded in 2011 by former Goose Island brewmaster Greg Hall and his partner Steve Schmakel, Virtue has stuck to traditional cider making methods, and by traditional that means the way it’s been done for hundreds of years both in Europe and the U.S.

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The Amazing Ciderman

Apr. 28, 2014     AUTHOR: N/A    PUBLICATION: No Chefs Allowed / Heritage Radio Network

Megan and Tricia talk with the founder of Virtue Cider, Greg Hall. Brewmaster turned cider maker, Greg is producing hard cider in Hard cider at his farm in Michigan with cider making skills and techniques from countries like England, Ireland, and Spain. He talks about why he thinks hard cider hasn’t been well represented here…and how Virtue Cider is changing all that. Tricia and Megan are lucky enough to taste the Virtue Cider with Greg, and were surprised at the complex taste…and not so sweet cider. Definitely not what they were expecting.


What’s New at Local Breweries This Spring

Feb. 1, 2014     AUTHOR: Meg Mathis     PUBLICATION: Michigan Avenue Magazine

And on the burgeoning cider front, Stephen Schmakel and former Goose Island brew master Gregory Hall of Virtue Cider have just released their latest installment, the Estate Series. A salute to local farmers, the Estate Series showcases fruit exclusive to regional growers including Nichols Farm & Orchard, a favorite of the Green City Market set.

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Pencil This In: Virtue Cider Mitten Drive And Cocktail Competition

Jan. 20, 2014     AUTHOR: Chuck Sudo     PUBLICATION: Chicagoist

It’s wintertime which means Virtue Cider’s seasonal release, The Mitten, is reaching bars and shelves across Chicago. This blended cider features last season’s best cider aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels and mixed with fresh cider and apple juice from the current year. Not only does it make an ideal cider for drinking in front of a fireplace, it is an amazing cocktail ingredient.

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What to Drink This Weekend: The Mitten

Jan. 17, 2014     AUTHOR: Sarah Freeman     PUBLICATION: Zagat

Guess what, folks? Monday is a holiday! For those lucky enough to enjoy a three-day weekend, extend extra-happy hour into Monday night. Barrelhouse Flat will be hosting a cider cocktail competition to celebrate the release of Virtue Cider’s latest bottled cider. The Mitten is a winter cider made from over-ripe apples that have been aged in bourbon barrels. It has notes of vanilla, caramel and charred American oak, balanced with a clean finish. Starting at 7 PM, it will be available on tap as well as in more than a few unique creations.

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