We believe in Slow Food’s mission and all that it represents. The Slow Food directive of Good, Clean and Fair shapes our guiding principles. Our mission, then, is to be that and more in all we do.


Our commitment to the community of people who tend the land goes beyond just purchasing their produce. We always look to collaborate with local artists on branding and commemorative event artworks. And, we commit to good works through our charitable organization affiliations, which include the Chicago Rarities Orchard Project (CROP) and the nationally acclaimed Green City Market.

Whether about our drinks or our business, we’ll continue to seek out ways to show just how good we are.


Cider stands as one of the cleanest of drinks. Apple trees clean our air, hold the soil tight with their roots, and provide shelter for countless birds, small mammals and even beneficial insects. The trees don’t need to be replanted, watered or fertilized, yet they produce a bounty year after year.

Apples are harvested into wooden crates reused season after season, and delivered to the press. Once pressed, spent pumice goes directly to animal feed. Juice is fermented. No water is added, no heat needed, very little cooling required. In 2012, all of our cider will be sold in kegs, which have a life expectancy of over 20 years. There is no garbage and very little energy or waste in our process.


We choose our apple growers carefully and pay them above-market prices for the wonderful fruit they grow. Most are multi-generational farm families and we want to support them so they can continue growing fruit into the next generation.

Our ciders offer the drinker a range of flavors that delight with every sip. Whether enjoyed with friends, as a crisp summer refresher, or as a satisfying match to a well-prepared meal, Virtue will blend a good cider for you, always.